I’m a web geek and recovering journalist living in Augusta, Ga. I want to see that journalism – and everything that it means to a free and open society – survives the current upheals in the industry. I also just like spending a lot of time online and buying every new Apple product out there.

I use to work for a medium-sized media company; part of my job was figuring out what works well online and then explaining that to newsrooms. The rest of my job is about wrangling a team of web geeks into productivity in between Nerf gun wars. (I’ve found the Iron Man automatic and free food helps keep ’em in line.)

Recently, I’ve move fully into the tech world, working from home as a project manager at Phase2, a fabulous tech company in the DC area. I still get to work with several publishers, which keeps my now-inner journalist happy. I also get to work with some awesome government groups, which also appeal to that same inner-journalist – we’re making government data and information more accessible and available to everyone.

I’ve never figured out the whole work/life balance, so I just blend the two. Be prepared for life streaming, silly posts about my cats and travel pictures to show up here, too.

My husband and I love playing with our two 100-pound puppies, tormenting/entertaining our silly kitten,  and watching too much science fiction. If I’m not in front on my computer or have my iPad in hand, I’m in my garden.

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